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Send mass phone calls simultaneously at any time through our online text-to-speech phone gateway.

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What is an Online Voice Service?

An online voice gateway is a web based platform which allows you to send scripted phone calls to any phone and have the text converted to speech. Voice gateways are especially useful for sending calls that require no input, but need to reach both landlines and mobile phones. By using our online voice service, you can easily and reliably send calls to staff and customers no matter where you are.

How Are Online Text-to-Speech Calls Used?

Here are just a few ways our customers use the Broadcasta Online Text-To-Speech Voice Service.

Wild Weather Alerts

When bushfires, hurricanes or floods are imminent, ensure communities are notified in a timely way using text-to-speech voice call alerts. Recipients can input a specified number on their keypad to confirm they have heard and understood the message.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your sign up and login processes with two-factor authentication. Let your users choose their preferred method to verify their identity – voice call, SMS or email – all supported by Broadcasta.

Delivery Notifications

Alert your clients to impending deliveries with notifications and ensure they are available to receive their shipment. Set up all delivery updates through our API integration and have updates sent automatically as voice calls to clients.

Appointment Reminders

Save thousands in missed appointment costs! Send your clients or suppliers text-to-speech call reminders and watch your no-shows plummet, causing revenue to rise.

How to Send Text-to-Speech Calls?

Automatically have your text message converted to speech and sent as a voice call with the Broadcasta Online Text-To-Speech Service. Send your messages to both landlines and mobiles in over 20 languages. It’s super easy to set up, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Broadcasta online dashboard or sign up for your free trial. Select the Voice tab and Send Voice in the dashboard.

Step 2

Choose your contact list or manually enter mobile numbers. Choose your preferred language, 23 available, and male or female voice.

Step 3

Type your message and click on send. Send now or schedule later either way your messages are sent via direct routes on time, every time.

Why Use Our Online Text-to-Speech Call Software?

Our team at Broadcasta are proud to deliver an online voice service that lets you send thousands of calls from your computer. Our online voice platform has been developed to make sending bulk calls simple. If you are looking for a reliable text-to-speech (TTS) call service, we have the solution you need!

No Upfront Contracts or Fees

Never based on the size of your database - send MMShow you want and only pay for what you use.

Free 24/7 Support

Talk to us through live chat, phone, contact form or email. There’s always a human on the other end, ready to help.

We’ll beat comparable quotes

Seen a better offer? Bring it to us so we can make a deal.

High Performance

4800 messages per minute with long 1224 character limit and lightning fast delivery.

Global Coverage Direct Routes

Send SMS online to all countries globally. Guaranteed delivery with Tier 1 networks.

100% Uptime SLA Guarantee

We’re so confident in our reliability, we offer a 100% uptime SLA guarantee so you can be sure your message reaches when you need it to.