Top 6 Benefits of SMS Marketing

Top 6 Benefits of SMS Marketing

Date : 15 January 2021

Top 6 Benefits of SMS Marketing

Did you know that 95% of customers who have bonded with a brand name did so using their mobile? With people being more and more busy by their smartphones, there is a chance for you to publicize to and connect with your customers using this medium. Bulk SMS marketing is an efficient alternate to the traditional modes of Business to Customer and even Business to Business communication. Let us discuss here the top 6 benefits of SMS marketing.

High Open Rate:

The main advantage of SMS marketing is the fact that texts are opened up to 99% of the time when received by your customers. This SMS Marketing offers a higher open rate than other advertising options. Emails are easy to get lost in the spam folder, and it is easy for a customer to throw a flyer they pick up at the mall. But with the proliferation of mobile phones and the popularity of text messaging, text marketing cannot be ignored.

Quick Delivery

The maximum time to reach an SMS recipient is about 7 seconds, which means you will reach your target group instantly! This provides you one of the biggest advantages of SMS-marketing; It is time sensitive. It does not matter if you wish to send a thank you message or a personal and time-limited offer, your customer will receive and often read out your message instantly.

Low Cost:

When compared to alternate marketing solutions out there, online sites make SMS marketing a much less expensive option. Bulk SMS service providers provide bulk SMS options, which allow businesses to reach thousands of customers in a short period of time.

High Conversion Rate:

Although messaging via apps is increasingly used, SMS still sees a higher conversion rate. This may be due to a sense of personal attitude rather than customers reading an ad aimed at anyone. This way he knows it is for him and is more willing to understand what you have to say. People get more motivated to visit your business and take action on ads, companies, offers shared through SMS, than any other marketing site.

Wider Reach for your Business:

With so numerous people these days having mobile phones and other mobile devices, you can expand your customer stats with the benefits of SMS marketing. Instead of focusing on one marketing strategy that can reach only a group of your population, SMS marketing reaches everyone.


SMS marketing is super flexible in many ways. You can report your entire customer base or reach a dedicated team for an advertising message or quick business update. There are no boundaries in this regard. No internet connection is one of the main advantages of SMS marketing because you will reach your customers everywhere. You can easily integrate SMS with your other marketing activities.

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